Vietnamese Dining Etiquette

Learning the customs and etiquette of a country is a good way to impress any local friends you meet on the trip or simply help you avoid awkward situations, particularly when you intend to travel in a nation like Vietnam. Here we have shared you some pieces of advice of dining etiquette.


When you are not using chopsticks, you should be better to put them across your rice bowl rather than pin them into your food. Buddhism and Taoism have a strong impact on Vietnamese culture, as a result, chopsticks sticking straight up in your rice bowl is similar to incense burned in funerals, which is believed to bring bad luck.


Because Vietnam is heavily influenced by China, it is a norm when people share dishes. The whole family will sit around a tray of food with a big bowl of rice. Hence you should not eat directly from a shared dish, instead, you can move a small amount of food on the dish to your bowl before eating. Beside hold your rice bowl up to your mouth is not assumed as a rude gesture.


Remember to use both hands when passing dishes which shows politeness when having meals.


You can ask for a fork and spoon in case you are not confident with your chopstick skills. Not everyone is able to use them skillfully for the first time.

Feel free to enjoy your dishes as dining in Vietnam is quite slower than in most western countries, so there is no need to rush.

As meat is the most expensive ingredient, you should not consume only meat, eat your veggie as well. It is a courteous action to leave some for others.

After finishing your meal, place your chopsticks on top of your rice bowl.


Bear in your mind our advice of dining etiquette of Vietnamese people and you will properly have a wonderful and one-of-a-life-time experience dining with Vietnam Evisa Online tours


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