Things Should Be Known Before Departing to Vietnam

Things should know before departing to Vietnam

There are some aspects making Vietnam an interesting destination for tourists. However, the country also has some issues that tourists need to beware of. The tip list below will arm any first-time visitors with some useful tricks to enjoy their Vietnam trips as much as they can.

Monetary in Vietnam


In general, Vietnamese Dong and US dollars are widely accepted for any service like booking tours, hotels, and transportation fare. On the other hand, you should exchange to VND since it is commonly used by local businesses (restaurants, bars, food vendors, and shopping malls). Additionally, you can save more by using Dong because it is normally cheaper than dollars.

Staying alert of weather!


Bear in your mind that weather in tropical countries, such as Vietnam can be a serious concern. The climate varies from the North to the South. In the South, there are only two seasons, including rainy seasons and sunny seasons. Rainy seasons starting from June to November, whereas sunny seasons last for the rest of the year. The temperature in the sunny seasons is around 25-35 degree Celsius.

With regard to Northern regions, they have 4 distinct seasons with extremely hot and dry summers and the atmosphere is moist and very cold in winters. Do not forget to check the weather forecast prior to your departure to bring along appropriate clothing.

Choosing your clothing wisely.


There is no specific dress code in Vietnam, shorts or skirts and lightweight T-shirts can accompany you daily. Another option is wicking and quick-dry fabrics, along with a pair of sandals in summer. Carrying enough warm clothes when you visit the North in winter would be great since the temperature can decrease to 0 degree Celsius.

Appropriate cloths for Vietnamese temples


To dress properly in Vietnamese temples and mosques, you should cover your shoulders and knees. The reference is wearing longer shorts, capris, pants or trousers, and t-shirts, blouses, or polos are admissible.

Taking food hygiene seriously


Vietnam is the paradise of street food, but if you tend to try it all, be cautious of what vendors offer you. Food allergy is common for any tourist visiting Vietnam for the very first time. You can do some research online for reliable information, which is about places to go for a proper meal, ingredients of the dishes, and always rinse fresh fruits with water before eating. 

Tricks to get the best deals


Negotiation skills are a must when you purchase for something sold by vendors in Vietnam since it has become a part of the culture. Do not hesitate to ask for a better price at local markets, because the sellers tend to offer a bit higher price. You can tell them the prices you want to pay. Trying “walking away” trick, if they still do not discount for you, this means you have asked for a too low price. This can be a good quest to play during your holiday.


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