How to avoid getting sick while traveling in Vietnam

Travelling to a new country, it is not easy to know what to eat and drink, as well as how to keep being healthy. Good health is the most important thing when you travel. There are some tips below which will help you to have a fun and exciting vacation in Vietnam.

  1. Street Food

Vietnam is renowned as a street-food paradise. The Vietnamese cuisine are very diverse and delightful. Street food is irresistible to give it a go. Nonetheless, you better double check before having it, so as to make sure that you do not get allergic to any kind of ingredients. Moreover, you need to ensure that any kind of food you taste is well-cooked.


  1. Water

In Vietnam, people do not drink tap water. Hence, you should drink bottled water, instead of tap water. Bottled water is available in almost anywhere in the country, including supermarkets, convenient stores, and local stores.


  1. Air pollution

You can easily see most Vietnamese people wearing mask on the street. The hot weather and traffic jam make the air become more polluted, as well as dusty. There is no need to wear a mask like locals during short trips if you feel uncomfortable with it. However, masks and sunglasses are worth wearing on the long journeys to avoid dust and UV ray in sunshine.


  1. Insects

The tropical climate is an ideal condition for insects, bacteria and other living organisms develop and multiply. Wearing suitable clothes and using mosquito repellent are a convenient solution while you are travelling. Besides, the air-conditioner room is great for minimizing mosquito bites. Wearing bright color clothes and cover your skin at places near the water.


  1. Stray dogs and cats

In Vietnam, you can see many stray dogs and cats wandering around the streets. They are not safe to touch or cuddle. When you get bitten, better use water and soap to wash the wounds immediately, and get vaccine injection at any hospital or medical centre as soon as possible.


  1. Medical centre

The best way to prevent yourself from illness is bringing some types of essential medicines beforehand. In case of emergency, find out some international hospital having English-speaking doctors and modern equipment.


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