Things to do in Phan Thiet - Mui Ne - the best activities for travelers

If you decide to visit Phan Thiet - Mui Ne in the upcoming holiday, this will be a great idea to help you prepare for the trip best. In addition, a list of things to do in Phan Thiet - Mui Ne will be some suggestions for fun and exciting activities in Mui Ne.

An overview of Phan Thiet tourism

Phan Thiet is a city of Binh Thuan and is also an ideal destination for many tourists worldwide. Besides, Mui Ne is a small ward in Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province.

It only takes about 4 hours by train from HCM to Phan Thiet, but when tourists come here it seems like a completely different world. Basically, fish sauce and fish sauce production are the two main sources of income of Phan Thiet so far.

In fact, there are many reasons to travel to Mui Ne and Phan Thiet. From beautiful sunsets, fanciful landscapes to sparkling beaches and peaceful fishing villages, tourists can enjoy many spectacular landscapes in Phan Thiet - Mui Ne.

So when asked about what to do in Mui Ne - Phan Thiet, tourists will not only see the wonderful natural scenery but also witness the colorful daily life of the local people here.

1. Cycling

This sounds like a very simple and familiar activity, which can be done anywhere, but cycling on the road in Phan Thiet - Mui Ne will give you a different experience.

Renting a bicycle in Mui Ne doesn't cost much, only 10 dollars per day. Traffic here is quite complicated, so tourists drive carefully. Renting a bicycle will create a flexible opportunity to explore interesting places in Phan Thiet, and explore beautiful beaches as well as busy local markets.


2. Visit Mui Ne fish market in the early morning

In the early morning, most of the markets in Mui Ne bring an attractive view to the daily life of local fishermen. Every morning, they get fresh seafood caught on shore. The rest of the family will classify all seafood catch and sale products for local traders or street food suppliers and restaurant owners. This is one of the most interesting things in Phan Thiet - Mui Ne visitors can experience and explore.


3. Seeing the sunrise and sunset in Mui Ne

Small villages in Mui Ne are definitely miraculous at two times of the day: early morning and sunset.

Dozens of colorful, big and small boats adorn the turquoise water. Everything seems to be engulfed in luminescence, highly recommended to enjoy. In fact, this is probably one of the things to do in Phan Thiet - Mui Ne.

sunrise-in-Mui-NeThe sunset in Mui Ne

sunset-in-Mui-NeThe sunset in Mui Ne

4. Windsurfing in Mui Ne

Mui Ne quickly became Mecca Southeast Asia for windsurfing and other water sports. It is believed to be the best place for water sports because of the strongest winds and most countries in Asia, along with the lowest rainfall in Vietnam. Every day is a great day for such sports.

This area is often referred to as the water sports industry called "Mui Ne Bay", although more precisely, "Phan Thiet Bay". Windsurfing is considered one of the most popular water sports in Vietnam.

There are a large number of fans of this sport, both locals and tourists are looking for some entertainment options in Vietnam. Mui Ne is one of the busiest places in Vietnam, so you can experience excellent windsurfing almost anytime of the year.

Here, the temperature is quite stable so visitors will feel comfortable and warm throughout the year. The best time to surf in Mui Ne is from November to February every year.


5. Visiting at Hon Rom

Mui Ne is famous for its clean and beautiful beaches. The first Mui Ne beach must be mentioned is Hon Rom, with charming scenery, many strange shaped rocks facing the sea so attractive to tourists. Hon Rom is the name of a small wild mountain located in Long Son hamlet, Mui Ne ward, Phan Thiet city.

The big rocks in Hon Rom in the rainy season are covered with natural green and yellow grass in the sunny season looks like a giant straw, so maybe the name Hon Rom.

Beach in Hon Rom is clear blue water, smooth waves, no reefs. The beach in Hon Rom is divided into many areas such as: Hon Rom 1, Hon Rom 2, Thuy Trang ...


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