Da Lat Nightlife and Interesting Activities To Do

Dalat turns to a slightly cold but romantic mist when the sun fades away. Dalat nightlife is not too busy but crowded and it opens another side of this city where interesting activities show up. This article will list out some places for you to enjoy your night.

Da Lat night market

Da Lat Night Market is located right in Da Lat city centre, just a five-minute walk from Xuan Huong Lake. Daily open time is between 17:00 and 22:00. The night market has endless number of food stalls. It offers many local favourites at affordable prices, some of the most popular ones include traditional rice noodles, banh mi, Vietnamese pizza, and finish it off with fresh soy milk and avocado ice-cream. The market attracts many people during the evening activities which all happen in the inner open spaces. The market is not only for food but also for cheap clothes, fresh produce and street performances.


The vehicles are banned from getting in during night time. Walking in this area is safe and interesting for pedestrians. Tourists can stroll and discover 5 different areas:

If you take time to choose, you will be able to find out some good jackets that meet your requirement with super cheap price only from 2 to 3 USD.


Dalat has different types of wool sweaters, cardigans and hats so if you are looking for warm clothes to bring back home as a souvenir. And the price is very reasonable. A sweater costs about 10 USD.


Dalat is famous with the land of cool weather and rich soil which are suitable for flowers and vegetables round year. You can find out a lot of local products brought by farmers to market such as: sweet potatoes, avocadoes, artichokes, strawberries and all types of vegetables.

In the past, the food market located in the left side of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, this site became the park of the result in moving across the street of the food market. Restaurants and local vendors are located around the market.


This is a place where you can see young groups perform hip hop dancing, playing acoustic music or roller-skating. On special occasions such as: the Festival of Flowers, Christmas, New Year, Lunar New Year, travelers can enjoy free outdoor public art program with the contribution of local singers and artists.

Woody Classic Bar

Address: 49A Trương Công Định, Ward 1 or 14-16 Hoa Binh Quarter, Ward 1

Woody Classic Bar is a gentle bar with classic style. This bar is a hidden gem if you want to stay away from the touristy areas. They serve cocktails and coffee with special recipes. Woody Classic Bar has 2 branches with different feelings.


If the one in Hoa Binh is in the basement with a cool vibe, the branch in Truong Cong Dinh is wider and funky on the other hand. Drinks are great and well-priced. If you are not a fan of alcohol, the bartender will show you how worthy it is to get yourself a special cocktails.


The bar is also attractive by playing different types of music and live performances. Staff can speak English so you just need to ask them anything you want.

Léon: The Professional

Address: 278 Hai Ba Trung, Da Lat

Léon: The Professional is inspired by the same movie title produced in 1994. The bar is new but it is a favorite bar for young visitors since the vibe will bring you back to the good old days. The concept of Léon: The Professional is old cinema and re-creating the iconic fashionista Mathilda.


The price could be a bit higher than other bars in Dalat but overall it is affordable. So why not spend your night here?


Biang Bistro

Address: 94A Ly Tu Trong, Da Lat

Biang Bistro recently renovated and relaunched in early 2018, the interior is exquisite; indoor-outdoor spaces are reminiscent of a luxe Balinese villa. We also spotted some touches of Thai design (and a few menu items) that make me think the cafe is perhaps partly Thai-owned. Most importantly, the coffee is very good—the sprinkle of cinnamon on top of my latte was a very nice touch.


The chef is British, and the menu features both Vietnamese and Western dishes. The emphasis is on fresh produce and big flavours, with plenty of vegetarian/vegan options available, all with a healthy bent.


Prices are a little higher than elsewhere in Dalat however the food is undeniable and worth the money. Dishes are made by professionals and inspired by the beauty of Asian and Western culture. A beautiful cozy place to sit and open all senses to enjoy the food and music.

La Viet Cafe

Address: 200 Nguyen Cong Tru, Ward 8, Da Lat

Dalat’s one and only warehouse cafe, La Viet is the place to sample La Viet coffee, which is grown, processed and roasted locally. The warehouse is located a little bit out of the centre of town, but it’s well worth the effort to get up there.

The design and decor is spot-on; a little slice of Melbourne in Central Vietnam. The coffee is obviously the highlight, accompanied by simple Western brunch dishes prepared in the kitchen next door.


The best thing about La Viet is that visitors can take a tour of the on-site production facilities and see the coffee sorting and roasting processes first-hand. A staff member will happily take you around without any notice (just inquire at the counter when you arrive).

There’s also a demonstration kitchen for coffee tastings, and a wonderful gift shop that sells La Viet coffee and other local products (more on that later). In-depth field tours of the La Viet plantation can also be organised through local tour operators (ask at your hotel/hostel if you’re interested).




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