7 activities you must do at night in Hoi An

Most people still think Hoi An is an ancient city, and is famous for its old houses and lanterns. It is only suitable for those who like to live slowly and older people who want to be quiet.

However, Hoi An has fun activities that everyone experienced once wants to come back next time. So what are those activities? In the evening, what should tourist should do in Hoi An?

1. Walking around the town at night

Although this is a simple experience at night in Hoi An, this experience is very interesting that is walking around Hoi An. This is an area with old houses, besides the houses are adorned with the beautiful colors of the lanterns at night.

Walking around the town is an activity that must be included in the list of night activities of Hoi An ancient town. In the morning, Hoi An ancient town was beautiful and impressive, when in the evening, it was more sparkling and more brilliant.

On the street, tourists should visit the food shop next to the river and find a sit so as to order delicious food here. Beside, the visitor can take a look the Hoai river. Tourists can watch the lights while they are eating, it will be interesting.

Walking around the town at night

2. Taking the pictures with lanterns

Hoi An lantern has been recognized as a famous product brand in the world and has been exported to many countries. If tourists have a chance to come to Hoi An, do not overlook the beauty of this brand.

Lanterns are present in every street, street corner in Hoi An and in shops stretching Hoi An Street. Tourists can stop at the lantern shops, listen to old stories and watch the hands skillfully make lanterns with enough designs and patterns.Do not forget to record the beautiful photos of Hoi An from these lanterns and buy some as gifts for friends and relatives. 

taking the pictures with lanterns

3. Boat trip on Hoai river and drop flower lights

Hoi An consists of old houses stretching along the romantic Hoai River. Besides, these houses are likened to a romantic and peaceful Venice of Italy.

There is also a service to take tourists on a boat on the Hoai River watching the sunrise, sunset and watching the old town at night.

Boat trip on Hoai river and drop flower lights

4. Boat trip listening to music
It is not always possible to drop a lighthouse while sailing on the Hoai River, but enjoying the native tunes when traveling is sure. What could be better than in the moonlit night, sitting on the Hoai River boat and listening to the singing. That is the soothing entertainment activity when visitors come to Hoi An at night. Sitting on a boat on the Hoai River, watching Hoi An at night will bring you a sense of comfort, peace and romance, especially with your lover.


5. Eating Cao Lau food

the Night in Hoi An that attracts many tourists when coming here, because there are beautiful views and many delicious food. One of the delicacies that visitors should enjoy when coming to Hoi An is Cao Lau food.

Walking around Hoi An, it's not difficult for tourists to find restaurants with Cao Lau dishes. This dish was considered a typical dish and contribute to creating a "brand" for the wet form of Hoi An.

People often eat Cao Lau with boiling water, vegetables, some crispy roasted peanuts and a few pieces of fried bread. When visitors start eating, they should add sauce and mix all the ingredients together. Cao Lau does not need any sauce, instead it is made from traditional recipes of Hoi An people

Enjoying Cao Lau for the first time, many people will feel strange and difficult to eat, but if you are used to this flavor, you want to try more.

Eating Cao Lau food

6. Join the folk game singing "bai choi", blindfolded - breaking crockery

Coming to Nguyen Thai Hoc Street and Kazik Park, you can enjoy the vibrant and fun atmosphere here through folk games such as singing the "bai choi", blindfolded - breaking crockery, passing the monkey bridge...

blindfolded smashing crockery

7. The Show Memories of Hoi An

The art of performing dances in ao dai and conical hats is the characteristic of Nam Nam, combining with the long-standing cultural history of Hoi An Ancient Town. The concert was held at the Hoi An Cultural Theme Park.

Tourists will get an aesthetic look on the golden age of a Hoi An trading port 400 years ago.

No less than the festival to drop lights, this music party will make us forever adore a beautiful area of conventions when experiencing Hoi An entertainment activities.

Hoi An at night is very beautiful, it is no coincidence that this city is honored as the 20 best nightlife in the world as well as the 2nd most attractive destination in Asia.

Almost all tourists coming to Hoi An have the common assessment that Hoi An is the best at night. So with the sharing of things must to do in Hoi An at night will help you find the fastest way to explore and travel this place. Along with that you should also refer to some other information about Hoi An tourism such as: The latest Hoi An travel experience, famous tourist attractions in Hoi An, delicious food in Hoi An should try: Hoi An Where to stay?, Food Guide Vietnam: What to eat in hoi An, Prominent Attractions In Hoi An For Tourists

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