A Wholesome Guide on Visiting Ba Na Hills

You must be wondering about where the Golden Bridge is that you somehow saw it on the Internet. The upcoming information will tell you where it is.


The Golden Bridge, located on Ba Na Hills, which is one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam. In order to visit the bridge, you will need to buy tickets to get up hills first, then being transferred to the other stations where the Golden Bridge is situated.


How to get to Ba Na Hills?


You will definitely need a transfer from Da Nang city to Ba Na. It is approximately 80 - 90 minutes from Da Nang to Ba Na (42 km). After this, you will need to buy tickets, so as to go up to the hills by cable cars.


What does Ba Na Hills offer to tourists?


Ba Na is the travel icon of Da Nang, owing to its beautiful scenery and stunning architecture which is inherited from French’s buildings. The hills are about 1,500mm above from the sea level and have a very pleasant atmosphere. The average temperature of the attraction is roughly 17 to 20 degree Celsius.


From April to September, this is the best period of time for taking photos on Ba Na hills, since it is very sunny during this time. Between November and January, the weather is very foggy, so it is difficult for a tourist to take pictures on Ba Na Hills.


  1. Cable car


The most admirable offer from Ba Na is the cable car. You will be able to contemplate the view of hills from above


  1. Suoi Mo


Bringing you the freshness of the water from the stream.


  1. Fantasy amusement park


Some of the games here are free for tourists since it is included in the entrance fee.


  1. Wax Museum


Over 150 wax models are displayed here. Nonetheless, you will have to pay extra to visit here.


  1. The Golden Bridge


The well-known bridge is held by the two giant hands.


  1. French Village


The architecture of the village is inherited by the French’s architecture



  1. Wine cellar


You will be able to see how people store the wine in the temperature of 17 to 20 degrees Celsius.



What to eat in Ba Na Hills?

You can either bring your own food, so as to save your budgets or buy buffet tickets to fulfil yourself at restaurants in Ba Na Hills. There are plenty of restaurant options for you.



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