Vung Tau where to go?

Vung Tau is a coastal city located 125km from Ho Chi Minh City to the East. It attracts a large number of tourists to visit and relax every year. Beautiful beach, fresh seafood, temperate climate, Vung Tau promises to be an interesting destination. Lying completely out of the mainland, from here, people can look at the East Sea both when it rises and at sunset. Coming to Vung Tau Attractions, you will have a peaceful and pleasant feeling with spacious and airy roads, the blue sea, above are the big mountains, small mountains, and pure temples ... All create a magical Vung Tau, a city not only peaceful but also countless famous landscapes. 

1. Ho Coc - Ho Tram

These two beaches are located in Xuyen Moc district, a tourist attraction by rare primitive wild features. The sea here is clear blue water with sandy bottom all year round, the white sand beach spreads, the slope is gentle and particularly beautiful thanks to the rocks in the beach creating the waves of white foam.


Ho Coc, Vung Tau

2. Suoi O Beaches

Suoi O Beaches is located in Binh Chau commune, Xuyen Moc district, about 3km from Binh Chau market. Suoi O Beaches has a fresh water stream and has a white sand beach with immense blue sea. This is one of the rare beaches in Vietnam that has both fresh and salt water.

Looking out the sea, o stream is green and embraces the smooth white sandy beach. Visitors can clearly see the flow of fresh water flowing from the forest. Want to go to the sea, visitors must wade through the stream. Depending on the season, the water has a sweet or brackish taste due to the mixture of seawater.

suoi-o-beachesSuoi O Beaches

3. Con Dao

Con Dao is famous of fascination with long beaches, white sand beaches as a beautiful paradise, especially the beaches are still wild and very beautiful. The most attractive thing here makes visitors remember forever not to forget about Con Dao is the wonderful marine creature, the only place in Vietnam that visitors can occasionally see the sea cow in the list of protection to survive in the country or visit Vich island to see turtles lay eggs or see monkeys in nature sitting around the cliffs and catching crabs and snails on both sides of the road ...The most beautiful season for Con Dao tourism is from April to November because at this time the sea is calm and the wind is cool, so visitors can comfortably visit without obstacles in the weather.

Con DaoCon Dao, Vung Tau

4. Villa Blanche

The beautiful coastal city of Vung Tau is not only famous for its beautiful beach with clear blue water, smooth white sandy beach or the "fairy sight" place of Ho May, it also retains many historical values buildings with ancient architecture. One of the architectural works that must mention Bach Dinh - the villa attracts visitors to visit the architecture of the French colonial period still preserves its beauty until today.

villa-blanche-vung-tauVilla Blanche

5. Museum of ancient weapons

Robert Taylor's ancient weapon museum is nestled at the end of Tran Hung Dao street, which has an ancient look of an ancient French mansion. It is the place to display more than 2500 ancient weapons artifacts from all over the world with enough polite stages to explore from ancient, medieval to modern period. The artifacts collected by the museum's owner, Robert Taylor, an British enthusiast of antiques collected and opened this museum to introduce to domestic and foreign visitors.


Museum of ancient weapons

6. Hon Ba

Visitors to Vung Tau are no stranger to the image of a small stone island located a few hundred meters from the coast. When the tide drops, there is a unique path leading to the island. Hon Ba Island alternates the green of the trees and the red of the tile roof. The poetic landscape makes tourists come here to stop to watch from afar, because all year round the waves are flapping their banks.


Hon Ba, Vung Tau

In addition to interesting interesting attractions, Vung Tau is also loved by delicious seafood dishes, banh khot, salted egg pancake, stingray fish hotpot…

And there are many great things, many fascinating scenes in Vung Tau waiting for you to discover. Have the above locations satisfied your "Vung Tau where to go" question?

Vietnam Evisa Online hopes that not only the beauty of Vung Tau is known by international friends but every region of the Vietnamese territory is so beautiful that we should set foot on at least once.

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