Discover Cu Chi Steel Land - A Unique Into The Ground

Cu Chi Tunnels is a famous revolutionary historical monument, belonging to Phu My Hung Commune, Cu Chi district. The tunnels stretch over 200km with the basement system and fortifications spreading like a giant network. It has registered 44,375 fallen heroes during the two wars in the land of Saigon - Gia Dinh.


Cu Chi Tunnels are known as the "Iron Triangle" only 70km away from the "capital" of Saigon government. During the American war of aggression in Vietnam, Cu Chi was once called the "dead land" which was the place that suffered millions of tons of bombs, chemicals and even large scale battles of the enemy. But throughout the length of the fierce battle, this land still stands firm.

Currently, the tunnel system for visitors is just a small branch in the old Cu Chi tunnels.


In the low and dark Cu Chi tunnels, there are sections where you have to crawl in a dark, narrow space, causing many people to have a little fear and excitement. Here, every corner, each interconnected road like spider web connected with meeting rooms, war invalids, storage cellars, weapons manufacturing, dormitory rooms, teaching rooms …

The hatch cover is camouflaged to avoid the detection of the enemy

The hatches leading down to the tunnels have been expanded to facilitate visitors. To move inside the tunnel, visitors must stoop

The mound is both a vent and a place for the guerrillas to conduct sniping, destroying the life force

Life produced peacefully when no enemy swept.

Hoang Cam kitchen is famous in the "smokeless" war to avoid being discovered and hunted by the enemy. Smoke will be released to the underground tunnels away from the carefully, cleverly disguised kitchen.

A family lived in Cu Chi Tunnels

Thousands of tons of bombs that the enemy spread down to turn Cu Chi land into a dead land

Use rudimentary weapons to set pitfalls to destroy enemy soldiers

The stele carved at Ben Duoc-Cu Chi memorial temple as a casting of a glorious history of the indomitable heroic land of Cu Chi, reminding the next generation to emphasize: "The great victory comes from sacrifice big. Who counts the mourning cloth, who scales blood on the battlefield? My mother's son never went back, she cried every sunset ... ”

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