Top 9 Stunning Places for Photoshooting in Saigon

Top 9 check-in destinations


Ho Chi Minh City is the biggest city and the financial center of Vietnam, it also houses many fascinating attractions waiting to be explored. Below is the list of 8 destinations where you should visit.


  1. Nguyen Hue Walking Street


Situated in the middle of District 1, Nguyen Hue walking street has been a favorite spot for both visitors and the locals. Since Ho Chi Minh city is notoriously known for not really being friendly for pedestrians, the walking street is of such an ideal place for a walk while enjoying the nightlife ambience of the city. Two sides of the promenade are shrouded by some beautiful French colonial architectural landmarks such as People’s Committee, the Rex hotel. You can stop by numerous lovely cafés and bubble-tea shops, or witness a fountain show in the center of the walking street by night.


  1. Starlight bridge


Phu My Hung is a sumptuous residential  area, which will bring you another view of Saigon. Walking through this region, you can easily feel the peacefulness, less traffic, with spacious sidewalks. It is notable for the Starlight Bridge, which spans across Thay Tieu lake. At night, the artificial waterfall streams down from both sides of the bridge, illuminated by colorful flashing lights. The reason why Vietnamese people call it the Starlight Bridge is because it has hundreds of LED light bulbs on the walkway, which look stunningly like stars on the sky.


  1. Bui Vien Walking Street


Another highlight of Saigon, the street becomes lively at night drawing many foreigners from many different countries. You can experience the nightlife with the exciting and vibrant atmosphere. There are various bars and clubs where you can wind up, have some drink with friends while enjoying some good vibes.


  1. Cho Lon – Chinatown of Saigon, District 5


Cho Lon is famous for being the largest Chinatown market in Saigon, which is occupied by many Vietnamese-born-Chinese wholesalers here. The market particularly serves the local people, but you still can find some goods here, such as Vietnamese fruit lollies, nuts, vibrant clothes, other handmade or craft goods, household and electronic items from provinces across Vietnam. Besides, it also attracts numerous groups of tourists each year owing to its interesting historical and cultural aspects and the local lifestyle.


  1. Bet Cafe


There is nowhere to see how vibrant the city is than sitting at the 30/4 park with a cup of coffee, as the sunshine flickers behind the high-rise buildings. This sort of activity is called Bet, which means sitting on the ground in Vietnamese. You can just have a seat on the ground, covered by newspapers and enjoy the flavor of street coffee offered by the street vendors. Also, you will be able to witness how hustle and bustle Saigon is, especially during the rush hours, when all of the locals are out for their daily activities.


  1. Turtle Lake


Located not too far from the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Saigon, the lake once served as the water storage of the city. There used to be a turtle stone, but it was damaged during the Vietnam war. Since then it has become an ideal dating spot, where Vietnamese youths usually gather around and have some snack from the vendors, which is quite suitable for people who are on tight budgets.


  1. Móng Bridge


The bridge is one of the city’s historical landmarks, which was initially built by the French to connect district 1 and 4. Currently, it was repurposed to be a footbridge and has become a dating venue for couples. You can have a short walk with your beloved one surrounded by scenic views at night.

  1. Bitexco Financial Tower


The skyscraper stands out amidst other buildings in Ho Chi Minh city. You can recognize the tower easily from a distance due to its height and iconic design. It looks like a lotus which is the national flower of Vietnam. Inside, the lower of the construction features a shopping center, a food court, coffee shops, cinema and plenty of offices. Additionally, you can opt to visit the observation deck on the 49th floor with just 200,000 VNĐ (~ $10 USD), where you will have a chance to contemplate a panoramic view of the city from above.


  1. Landmark 81


Landmark 81, which was first opened in July 2018 to welcome and entertain thousands of Saigonese, is also renowned as the tallest building in Vietnam. The skyscraper has become a new icon of not only Saigon but also Vietnam. Vietnam has been being well-known for local crafts, made from bamboo. In the country, there are numerous types of bamboo products, such as chopsticks, handbags, toothpicks, etc. This kind of material is an amazing inspiration for architects to design and build the high-rise building. In fact, Landmark 81 looks literally like a bunch of bamboos, which is connected together like the bond and tie of Vietnamese during the Vietnam war. The building contains hundreds of offices and one of the largest shopping malls in Vietnam, which offers various kinds of recreation. You will see how busy it is in hundreds of people in the mall at the weekend.

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