Everything about Popular Local Coffee Chains in Saigon

Firstly introduced by the French in 1857, coffee has gained its popularity and been widespread in Vietnam through time. For several years, dozens of coffee chains have grown rapidly among big cities, such as Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi. Below are the 4 most successful local coffee brands, which are must-go places if you plan to try Vietnamese coffee.

Trung Nguyen


Trung Nguyen is the largest coffee producer in Vietnam with an empire of farms, distributors and more than 1000 coffee outlets nationwide. It is not difficult to spot a Trung Nguyen café in Ho Chi Minh City due to its ubiquity. The menu varies from traditional Vietnamese coffee, such as ca phe sua (condensed milk coffee) to Italian coffee. They also named their “creative” coffee uniquely, from Creative 1 to Creative 5. These names base on their coffee flavor strengths and the price comes from $1.5 to $2.1 USD.

Phuc Long


Phuc Long is a coffee chain associated with tea. They look like an alternative to Starbucks, but much better to locals because of their understanding of Vietnamese cultures and tastes. Their diverse menu is reasonably priced, which aims to attract a variety of customers, from youths and middle-aged people. Though Phuc Long offers both coffee and tea, they are mostly well-known for their high-quality tea. This is an ideal place where you can bring some tea packages or even coffee filters as souvenirs back home for your folks.



Established in 2003 by a Vietnamese American, Highland has expanded 180 outlets in many cities and provinces, and has become the largest coffee chain in Vietnam. It has great and lively ambience and the location is really easy to be spot. They also serve Vietnamese baguette (Banh Mi) and some Western cuisines, but the prices are quite pricey.

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The Coffee House


The Coffee House is one of the fastest growing startups in the Vietnam coffee market. Regardless of not located in good locations, it is occasionally chosen to work or hang out for white-collar workers and students. The owner believes the quality of drinks is just not the only reason that draws customer to the brand. The interior is well-designed with a warm and cozy ambience and a vintage concept, which invokes the harmony and balance in the drinks.

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