Phu Quoc's Stunning Islets

Phu Quoc island is well-known for its diverse biodiversity. The island has numerous types of beautiful scenery from coast, forest, and hills. Some of the most renowned attractions in Phu Quoc are islets. They vary from small to large islets, which have a wealthy coral ecosystem.


It takes roughly one to a few hours on a big boat to reach the island. This is an option for those who are on a budget and have plenty of time. Nonetheless, this can cause seasick to you easily due to the strong wave and the slow speed of the boat. It would be better if you travel from An Thoi port to the islets by speed boat. This is a lot faster and more private than the normal big boat. Moreover, you can travel to any islet anytime you like without being depended on the other typical group boats. The following islets are the recommended ones for you Phu Quoc trip.


  1. Rom islet

This islet is very suitable for those who are really in love with the peacefulness due to its tranquil ambience. In fact, the islet is quite small in which there is no resident living here and does not have too many tourists visiting. This islet is a perfect fit for discovering the coral ecosystem of Phu Quoc since the corals are not too close to the water surface. Hence, there is no need to worry about hitting your feet to the corals here.

  1. Mong Tay Trong and Mong Tay Ngoai islets

This is the back of Mong Tay islet. The islet has a few locals living and selling food here. You can have a local seafood lunch here if you would like to. This islet looks a bit large a wild because it has plenty of trees and animals too. The coral here looks absolutely stunning. Some of them even have light blue colour with different shapes. Some can be found in heart shape too. Thanks to the greatness of nature. One thing you need to beware of is the corals here are located very close to the water surface. Therefore, you can accidentally touch it and somehow damage it. Besides Mong Tay Trong, Mong Tay Ngoai is also a good place to contemplate the corals, but busier and noisier.

  1. Gam Gi islet

The islet is named after the shape of the rocks on the islet. It looks truly like the head of a lion. The water here is pristinely clear and you can even see the bottom of the sea, which has gorgeous white sand. However, please be advised that there will be a lot of tourists sunbathing and swimming here, which make it quite noisy.

  1. Thom islet

This is the busiest islet Phu Quoc, the reason is that the longest cable car system in the world (2018) is located here. It links Thom islet and An Thoi station, which makes the islet become busier than ever. You can find many activities to join in here, also there are some restaurants with a good view which are always ready to serve you anytime. However, this is not an ideal place for those who prefer a quiet atmosphere.

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