A Walk to Vietnamese Traditional Handcraft Villages

Traditional craft villages are one of the unique and typical cultural quintessence with a history of development over thousands of years. Handicraft villages in Vietnam have many unique cultural according to the characteristics and development history of each region. Traditional craft villages along the country and carry on their mission to preserve and develop the national traditional culture. There are hundreds of craft villages and together with Vietnam Evisa Online learn some of the famous handicraft villages in Vietnam


  1. Bat Trang pottery village

Bat Trang pottery village is now in Bat Trang commune, Gia Lam district, Hanoi.


Pottery village has a long history of more than 500 years, through successive generations. Here, the lineages still retained the profession passed down by his father, making the products all have their own characteristics and sophistication. Ceramic products have also been known and exporting to many parts of the world.

  1. Dong Ho folk painting

Dong Ho Folk Painting of Bac Ninh has long been famous for its valuable and distinctive paintings.


The characteristic of Dong Ho folk painting lies in the composition of paintings, printing paper, harmonious colors and unique characteristics.

Dong Ho painting paper made from shells. The colors used in the painting are natural colors such as black from bamboo charcoal, green from copper, yellow from flowers, red from sapan-wood ...

  1. Ha Dong silk

Ha Dong silk, also known as Van Phuc silk, is a long-standing silk weaving village with a thousand-year history. Van Phuc silk has the oldest patterns in Vietnam.


In the past, Van Phuc silk was used extensively in the imperial palace thanks to good quality and beautiful patterns. Currently, there are over 800 households working in these families, the old looms are still retained.

  1. Doi Tam Drum village

Doi Tam drum village is so famous because of its 1000 year history of emptiness with many famous craftsmen throughout the region. Doi Tam drum is famous for its durability, beauty, roundness, ... that is thanks to the secrets of the craft village and the enthusiasm of the drum craftsmen.


Doi Tam drum village has been recognized as a typical traditional village of the country, the products of Doi Tam drum has been sold to European countries, this proves the value of Doi Tam drum products.

  1. Non Nuoc fine-art stone

Non Nuoc fine-art stone village has been famous both at domestic and abroad for marble handicraft products.

Non Nuoc fine-art stone

Materials for making handicraft products are marble previously exploited at Marble Mountain. Marble Mountain Stones are rich in colorful, beautiful which are popular products in construction and architecture ..

  1. Phu Yen Basket Village

Basket village was born long ago, becoming a source of life for the local.


Basket village of Phu Yen has a special point of using only local materials. According to the villagers, bamboo grown on Phu Yen land is characterized by good water resistance, toughness and very good quality oil source when it is used to cast baskets so it can maintain its durability.

Recently, the basket is exported to countries like Thailand, Switzerland and other countries.

  1. Tuyet Diem Salt Making Village

Tuyet Diem in Vietnamese means pure white salt grains. In Phu Yen there are 3 salt production villages with traditions over 300 years that are Trung Trinh, Le Uyen and Tuyet Diem.


Salt craft village is unique and unique in Vietnamese craft village culture. It is also a coastal tourism, but instead of a vacation tour, visiting Tuyet Diem craft village, you will experience and learn about a sea village that contains cultural history and the characteristics of the sea craft village.

  1. Kim Son sedge village

Kim Son sedge village has a history of 100 years becoming a famous village in and outside the country.


Through many ups and downs, Kim Son sedge increasingly affirmed its position. With a variety of products and eye-catching products, Kim Son sedge village are more and more popular. Currently, Kim Son sedge mat is available in more than 20 countries and territories around the world.

  1. Son Dong craft village

Son Dong traditional craft village in Hanoi has been for thousands of years and associated with the spread of Buddhism into Vietnam, the village is famous for its wood carving profession


Currently, products of Son Dong craft village account for 50% of the market share of worshiping objects serving the cultural and spiritual life of the people.

10.Mussels Mosaic craft village of Chuon Ngo

Chuon Ngo mussels mosaic village is located in Ha Tay, now Chuong My, Hanoi, this is a traditional craft village from the Ly Dynasty. Through nearly thousands of years, the mosaic craft of Chuon Ngo is still preserved and developed. The products of the village are very sophisticated and diverse, bringing high artistic value.

Mussels-Mosaic-craft-village-of-Chuon Ngo

The highlight of the mosaic of Chuon Ngo is that the pieces of mussels are not broken, flat and opaque attached to the wood. The details on the mussels mosaic are very lively and unique. The skillful of hand craftsman has made quintessential products

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