10 Must-try Dishes in Da Nang

  1. Pancakes, grilled rolls or ‘’nem’’

Banh xeo and ‘’nem’’ are very central, always ranked top in the list of Da Nang cuisine. The yellow pancake, crispy outside, soft inside; the ‘’nem ‘’ is grilled and fragrant. Both dishes with raw vegetables and peanut fat sauce are super tasty.


  1. Quang noodle

Quang noodle is a typical dish of Da Nang. Quang noodle broth is very special, not overflowing like other noodle soup, full of spicy aroma. Noodle bowl Quang has many kinds of toppings like shrimp, chicken, pork... spoiled for you to choose according to your taste. Eating Quang noodles is indispensable to fresh vegetables such as thin banana buds, baby mustard ... with roasted peanuts, green chillies, rice cakes, lime pieces and pure fish sauce.


  1. Rolled pork with ricepaper

To Da Nang, do not forget to enjoy the delicious pork roll. Pork plate alternating lean layer of cooked fat served with vegetables of aromas, perilla, lettuce, ... and sliced fruits such as pineapple, mango, green banana, cucumber, bean sprouts; curled up in a soft layer of rice paper, dipping with sauce to create flavour!


  1. Baked Ricepaper

Baked ricepaper is a street food that is very popular with tourists and young people. The baked rice paper is not only delicious but the price is very affordable. Various materials such as eggs, dried beef, pate ... are wrapped in rice paper when fried or baked, it gives off an attractive aroma.


  1. Beo Cake, Nam, Lọc Cake, Ít Cake

Although having the same name as Hue cakes, all kinds of Banh Beo, Nam, Lọc, Ít cakes in Da Nang are changed in their own style, bringing different colours from the core to the leaf pack. Delicious trays with slices of ‘’Chả Lụa’’ and rich sauce make you just want to eat immediately.

Beo Cake, Nam, Lọc Cake, Ít Cake

Beo Cake, Nam, Lọc Cake, Ít Cake

  1. Wet cake, grilled meat with noodle.

It would be flawed if you travel to Da Nang without tasting grilled meat vermicelli or some steamed grilled meat rolls rolled in a thin wet cake layer. This dish is served with a sweet-sour sauce or soy sauce, which is nothing more wonderful, very suitable for enjoying in the afternoon.


  1. Crushed rice paper

This is a delicious delicacy of people in the Central provinces. This rustic dish is made of soft, fragrant white rice, thinly baked cake, spread a layer of wet cake, spread on a bit of spring onion fat, when eating folding haft and beating, dipping with the delicious sauce.



  1. Chicken rice

Chicken rice is an indispensable dish in the Da Nang culinary notebook. Chicken rice is processed in many different ways such as shredded chicken rice, roasted chicken rice, greasy chicken, boiled chicken ... accompanied by a bowl of pickles and a hot bowl of soup looks very attractive.


  1. Buns Chả Cá

Referring to Da Nang cuisine, it is indispensable to have delicious fish noodles. A bowl of fish noodle includes fish ball, pumpkin, kohlrabi, fresh bamboo shoots, some pork chops, onions and tomatoes; broth is stewed from the fishbone itself, sweet and pleasant; making diners eat once and unforget it.


  1. ‘’Ram ‘’

‘’Ram’’ is a wild dish of Da Nang, often sold in the market or sidewalk shops. The ‘’ram’’ core is quite similar to the roll of the North, each ‘’ram’’ is only as small as a finger. Ẹnjoying ‘’ram’’ with rice paper, papaya, pickled carrots, thin cucumbers, add a plate of raw vegetables and fresh green cabbage that are equally delicious!


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